Rapidly screen candidates for Job Fit

Automatically determine job fit with almost no effort

1000 applicants apply, 100 pass candidate pre-screening, 10 have a great job fit score, 5 are short listed for interview

Save time and only review CVs of the most suitable candidates.

Simply post a job, ask some pre-screening questions, set the personality and skill competencies you are looking for and upskillable will show you which candidate best matches your preference.

How upskillable works

    Create pre-screening questions for candidates
    Choose personality and knowledge competencies you need in the candidate
    Invite your candidates to upskillable to take a 3-part assessment
    Shortlist candidates with the best upskillable assessment results
    Interview shortlisted candidates and make an offer to whomever is most suitable

Assess 5 candidates for free

upskillable allows you to assess the ability, skills, and personalities of 5 candidates, perform candidate pre-screening, customize your hiring workflow, see an automatically shortlisted view of candidates, and share their assessment results with the hiring team

Get Started for Free

  • Ask questions to determine candidate suitability for assessment with our Pre-screening questionnaire
  • Customize your organization’s candidate pipeline
  • Assess up to 5 candidates
  • Add unlimited coworkers
  • Review answers to pre-screening questionnaire and CVs inside assessment results dashboard
  • Compare upskillable personality, cognitive, and job-related knowledge assessment results of candidates

We work with organizations who’s success depends on finding exceptional talent

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